Visa Infinite

Seen by few. Accessible - only for the elect ones. The card offers the highest status holder and the range of options and services.


  • Line of credit up to 1.000.000 with an attractive interest rate and a grace period of 65 days;
  • Acces to more than 850 VIP Lounge rooms in airports from over 100 countries and 300 cities;
  • Qualitative concierge services;
  • Payment for products and services in commercial centers all over the world and by internet;
  • Utility bills payment through Online Banking;
  • Receiving money  transfers from Moldova and from abroad;
  • Receiving monthly salary under the salary project;
  • Receiving social payments from CNAS;
  • Withdrawal of cash from all ATMs in Moldova and other countries;
  • Free withdrawal of cash from all ATMs  from other countries and from ATMs that don’t belong to Victoriabank.


Discounts and bonuses:


 Additional services


 Customer support 24/24


 Rates and loan conditions

We invite you to the nearest branch, to open the card. 

For more information call (022) 21-02-02 or (022) 21-03-03.