A service that guarantees the fulfillment of obligations under a contract between two parties.

How does Escrow service work?

By Escrow service, offered to both individuals and legal entities, will be ensured a sale - purchase of property under conditions of maximum security for both sides. Bank opens a special account that will be filed by the buyer, the amount of money related to the sale price of the building. The account will be blocked, and the money will be released by the Bank:


  • To seller just when the property is registered by the Land Register (OCT) on the name of the purchaser;
  • To the buyer, only if the transaction was not completed.


The advantages for the buyer:

  • The money will be transferred to the seller only after you will be registered in the State Registry of real as the owner of the building;
  • If case you bought a pledged item, bank guarantees the release of the real estate under the pledge;
  • If, for some reason, the transaction will not be completed, you will immediately get the money deposited in the special account.


Advantages for the seller:

  • Security that after you sign the contract of sale-purchase and will be recorded in OCT, you receive money;
  • Your money will not be paid by the buyer directly, but by the bank, which excludes 100% risk of receiving fake banknotes.



Relations between the buyer, seller and the Bank shall be governed by a contract, in which will be specified the conditions under which funds will be released from the special account.




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