Mărțișor 2021

MDL 3,80% | 8 months


8 months 3,80%


  • Fixed rate
  • Minimum balance in the account - 5000 MDL
  • Additional payments - not allowed
  • Partial withdrawals - not allowed
  • Periodicity of interest payment - at the maturity of the deposit (on current account, card)
  • In case the deposit will be closed before the maturity date, the interest rate will be 0% (within the initial and extended term as well)
  • In the event of termination of the deposit in the first month of its establishment, the Bank will retain an additional commission of 1% of the deposit amount at the time of annulment, minimum 50 lei or 5 USD / EUR

Note: Deposits are guaranteed in accordance with the Law on guaranteeing deposits of individuals in the banking system No. 575-XV din 26.12.2003