State Securities Market

Services on the State Securities Market

What are State Securities (SS)?

It is a form of state debt, representing a short, medium or long-term loan agreement the value of which is expressed in the national currency or in another legal currency, which intervenes between the Republic of Moldova as debtor and natural or legal persons as creditors.


 Which regulations govern the SS activity?

 Who issues State Securities (SS)?

 What types of state securities are available on the market?

What do we offer?

  • Consultations on the current situation of SS market and operations with SS;
  • Procurement of SS at auctions (tenders);
  • Intermediation services for SS trading on the primary and secondary markets;
  • All types of SS-secured operations, including crediting and REPO operations;
  • Services for drafting the documents necessary to carry out SS operations.

How to invest in State Securities (SS)?

  • Please visit the nearest subsidiary or the central office of our Bank with a valid identity card;
  • Sign the contract on delivery of SS market services;
  • Deposit the amount of your investment and commission into the account.

 Useful information


For more details about the services offered on the state securities market, please contact us at:
tel: + (373 22) 57 63 50, 57 63 51, 57 63 53, 57 63 54;
fax: + (373 22) 23 30 89;

 Tariffs charged by JSCB "Victoriabank"  for services on the state securities market and the capital market (ro)