Cash collection

Minimizing the effort for collecting the cash and excluding the risk related to transporting the money


  • Convenience – cash collection directly from the outlets of your company;
  • Safety - excluding the risk related to transporting the cash;


How does it work?

Cash is handed over/collected in sealed bags and registered on the beneficiary’s account at the latest on the next working day. The quality and fairness of the process of counting the cash from the bags is ensured by the presence of at least two cashiers of the bank when opening the bag, modern cash counting machines and cameras, so differences in cash amounts or the presence of counterfeit money can be undeniably demonstrated.


How much does it cost?

The tariff for cash collection service is individual for each customer and is determined depending on the distance travelled, the schedule of collection and amounts handed over.


For more details, please call at: (022) 57-64-35.