Business Cards

Effective, operative, flexible, safe, convenient, prestigious

Who can open business cards?

Legal entities, residents and non-residents, as well as individual entrepreneurs established in the Republic of Moldova.


✔ Making payments on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and abroad;

✔ Making different payments related to business trips and events:

-    Reservation of conference rooms for seminars on business, trainings, business meetings and other events;

-    Catering services during negotiations;

-    Providing transport to the participants at negotiations;

-    Translation services;

-    Reservation of hotels and car rental;

-    Subscription to magazines (delivery of newspapers, magazines) and electronic publications;

-    Procurement of stationery, products for office and furniture;

-    Procurement of equipment and technological components;

-    Payment of the expenses related to the repair and supply of the company’s cars (means of transport);

-    Payment of marketing services (advertising, calendars, business cards);


✔ Possibility to make payments via Internet:

-    Reservation of hotels and payment of air or train tickets;
-    Payment for any online shopping;
-    Payment for delivery services;
-    Payment of utility services via remote services VB24 Web, VictoriaMobile;
-    Limit the card payments or block the card.


✔ Possibility to delimit personal expenses from company’s expenses;

✔ Full control of business expenses;

✔ Simple accounting for expenditures;

✔ Simplicity of shopping;

✔ Simplicity of calculation of expenses due to the online environment;

✔ Possibility of using the card anywhere in the world;

✔ Detailed reporting of all company’s expenses;

✔ Comfort and saving of financial resources.

We invite you to the local subsidiary to open the card.

For more details, please call at: (022) 21-02-02 or (022) 21-03-03.