AML / FT questionnaires are addressed to local and international correspondent banks which is about to enter into cross-border relations with the Bank. Completing them contributes to (downloaded in MS Word and completed by stakeholders):


  • deep knowledge of the clients with whom the Bank enters into relationships;
  • preventing compliance and reputational risks that may arise from relationships with a suspicious or compromised customer / bank;
  • ensuring the processes of combating money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • compliance with the requirements (and DEMANDING) of the competent authorities;
  • ensuring the methodological support of the parties which is about to enter  into business relations with the bank.

AML / FT questionnaire

The Wolfsberg Group Questionnaire contributes to:


  • Promoting the bank's image, including in the context of possible Due Dilligence by other Banks in the context of prospects of establishing mutually beneficial relationships;
  • Compliance with internationally accepted practices and norms in the field;
  • "The Bank's business card";
  • broad information for stakeholders


The Wolfsberg Group Questionnaire

US Patriot Questionnaire