Victoria Consum

up to 200,000 Lei without guarantees for a period of up to 60 months to satisfy your consumer needs.

About credit

k Term

up to 60 months

hh Amount

200.000 Lei

C Interest rate

17.92%  annually (floating rate)


  • No guarantees
  • Minimum documents
  • Fast examination of credit application
  • It's not necessary to justify the use of credit
  • Low costs, transparent and flexible credit terms

Calculation example

For a Victoria Consum credit amounting to MDL 50,000, for a 60 months period with a 17,92% interest rate, the monthly repayment rate of the loan is 834.00 MDL and the maximum possible interest 761.00 MDL, in total maximum monthly payment is 1,595.00 MDL. The amount of interest will decrease on a monthly basis as a result of the decrease in the credit balance. The annual effective interest rate is 19.70% and the total amount payable (credit amount + all related costs) is 72,937.31 MDL. The calculations performed may vary insignificant considering the possibility of changing the effective number of days between maturities.


Commissions for preparing the package of documents: 200 lei;

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