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Today: 31.05.2015
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Exchange rates
Exchange rates cash points 29.05.2015
Buy rate Sell rate
USD 17.950 18.200 1
EUR 19.650 19.900 1
RUB 0.334 0.355 1
RON 4.250 4.550 1
UAH 0.550 0.850 1
GBP 26.700 28.000 1
CHF 18.500 19.600 1
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Exchange rates cards for operational day 30.05.2015- 01.06.2015
Buy rate Sell rate
USD 18.000 18.250 1
EUR 19.700 20.100 1
RON 4.250 4.550 1
RUB 0.330 0.355 1
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Good News!
29.05.2015  Notification about changing deposits' rates of contracts with floating rate
25.05.2015  Notification about the appointment of a new registry company
25.05.2015  VictoriaBank - general sponsor of “Znatokiada 2015”- the first international intellectual competition held in Moldova
11.05.2015  Reprezentanţii VictoriaBank – membri ai „Echipei Favorite a Forumului Tinerilor din CNSM”
08.05.2015  Note about closing the correspondent account in Romanian Commercial Bank S.A., Bucharest
07.05.2015  The drawing results of the campaign “Payments with Visa card brings you money prizes
04.05.2015  On 04 of June, 2015 will be held the General Shareholders’ Meeting of BC “VICTORIABANK” SA
30.04.2015  The work schedule for Banks subdivisions for days of 1 and 9 May 2015
28.04.2015  VictoriaBank awarded the winners of the national contest “Letter to Mother”
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