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Today: 11.02.2016
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Exchange rates cash points 10.02.2016
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USD 19.850 20.150 1
EUR 22.250 22.650 1
RUB 0.235 0.257 1
RON 4.500 5.000 1
UAH 0.650 0.900 1
GBP 27.800 29.100 1
CHF 20.300 21.000 1
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Exchange rates cards for operational day 11.02.2016
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USD 19.700 20.100 1
EUR 22.050 22.570 1
RON 4.500 5.000 1
RUB 0.240 0.265 1
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About bank
THE FIRST BANK IN MOLDOVA The First Step to Success

VICTORIABANK was the First Commercial Bank in Moldova which initiated the process of the banking system development in Moldova as far back as from 1989.

  • Victoriabank is the leader in implementation of new technologies, representing the First Bank to work with bank cards, as well as the First to bring automatic cash terminals to Moldova, along with other innovative products and services, whith are not implemented on the Moldovan market before. Therefore, we are one step ahead of our competitors!
  • Victoriabank knows what  your needs are by asking a technological feedback!
  • Victoriabank knows how to realize your wishes – which is evidenced by the dynamics of attraction, by which we are the first!
  • Victoriabank is a recognized brand both on the national and international levels, representing a new approach to quality.
  • "Gold Premium "  at the category Quality and Excellence, at the International Quality Summit, organised by Bisiness Initiative Directions.


Victoriabank was nominated as one of the best banks from Republic of Moldova:

  • „Bank of the Year 1998” of Moldova - Journal "Central European"
  • „Bank of the Year 2004” of Moldova – Financial Journal «The Banker»
  • „Bank of the Year 2006” of Moldova – Financial Journal «The Banker»
  • „The Best Bank in the Emerging Markets” of the year 2005 in the Republic of Moldova - Journal «Global Finance».)
  • „The Best Bank in Moldova” by ROE (Return on Equity) – Journal of political, business and financial information „Finance Central Europe”, 2007
  • "The Best Bank of the year 2006" - Financial journal "Profit"
  • "The Best Bank of the year 2007" - Financial journal "Profit"
  • "Best Foreign Exchange Provider in Moldova - 2008".  - International Financial Journal "Global Finance".
  • "The best Bank of the year in 2008 from Moldova" - International Journal “The Banker”.
  • "The Safest Bank of  2008 from Moldova" - Financial journal "Profit"
  • VictoriaBank is nominated as a winner of the contest  "Commercial Mark of 20082, at the nomination Debut of the Year (category – Financial institutions. Services and products)  with VictoriaShopping project.
  • "Golden Prize" at the International Quality Convention organized by Business Initiative Direction in the "Business results and quality" category.
  • First place in the Rating of Banks Activity Indicators according to the year 2010 results - Financial journal "Profit"
  • "Best Bank in the development and introduction of new banking services" in "Banks of the CIS, Baltic States, Georgia -2010"  competition organized by ukrainian magazine "Banker” and the rating agency “Credit Rating "
  • “The best Bank in providing services for people” in "The Best GUAM Banks-2010” competition organized by ukrainian magazine "Banker”

Our Team
  • We are a professional and efficient team.
  • We are focused on introducing into Moldova new products and services, designed in accordance with your needs.
Side by side with you
  • We are constantly expanding – We are there, when you need us!
  • We offer maximum service comfort in almost all district centres of the country
  • You can communicate with us directly, through electronic mail or by contacting our feedback team. Your criticism makes us better, your opinions allow us to offer more qualitative services and products, and your appreciation encourages us to advance


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